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  • Rating: 8.7 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Aug

    Singer-songwriter Dar Williams recommends a hike here as a to-do for a local day trip. You can even catch a glimpse of the West Point Military Academy from here - can you see it? Read more

    Makes for a great day trip. Trail head is located 1 mile from the MNR station.

    Look out for the abandoned giant burnt out mansion thing when you hit paved road on the blue trail

    Park near Little Stony Point. Trail goes by the ruins of the Cornish estate.

    The ascent up is very steep. Bring plenty of water and energy.

    Hiking this trail in the fall is beautiful

    On a clear day you can see to NYC!

  • Rating: 6.6 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Aug

    Time is running out for the super saver discount. 20% off for liking lids on Facebook. 40% off with a lids card. Good until 9pm tonight

    Last day to like lids on facebook for an extra 10% off between 7pm and 8pm

  • Rating: 8.1 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Aug

    Wings are pretty much the best in the hood (maybe the borough), but the burgers are also quite tasty. Avoid getting well done though or you will get a puck of carbonized beef!

    How did it take me so long to get here? Really good diner-style food, perfect for lunch (hangover optional). The food is cooked fresh right in front of you and the portions are generous.

    Favorite wings in NYC, and I've had a lot. Crispy & saucy. Their "buffalo" sauces are mild & medium. For "hot" or "hotter," they add extract sauces for added spice. "Hot" is my favorite, and it's hot.

    Great sirloin burger. Sit at the bar and watch the cook do 10 things at once while drinking a beer. He's like the Neil Peart of food!

    Gut busting bison burger... Half pound at least, delicious when rare. Hottest wings really bring the pain! Good drafts always. All the food here I've eaten is very solid and often excellent.

    The fries are freakin amazing. Do medium rare burger with cheddar. It will make you a happier and overall better person.

    Food can be on the spicier side, but their coleslaw is fantastic and a perfect cool to the hot food!

    Some of the best buffalo wings in NYC. Juicy, meaty chicken with awesomely crisp skin in a well balanced sauce.

    Ask for the off-menu hot sauce (if you dare); it's several notches above their "hotter" buffalo wing sauce and will leave you in tears.

    Buffalo chicken wings at Bonnie’s GrillOrder the wings to their max spice level at this Park Slope diner and you’ll get the third degree. “Have you had them here before?” quiz wary servers, who’ve...

    Do not leave without: Spiced black angus sirloin burger (a giant sandwich that tastes like a well-cooked, zesty steak, topped with wedges of fresh tomatoes); pulled pork sandwich Read more

    Great wings! (get the medium hot, plus portion of hot sauce to dip) chilli cheese fries also very good! IPA not great..

    Small and bustling old-school diner with amazing Buffalo Wings. Try the Pulled Pork or the Skirt Steak sandwich.

    Some of the best buffalo wings around. Get 'em well done for a crispy chicken treat. Beware: the large is LARGE.

    One of the best burgers I've had in Brooklyn, wings are no joke either.

    The buffalo chicken wings here are terrific, especially with a serving of hot sauce on the side.

    Veggie burger is solid but not my fav. (It's grained-based and I prefer bean-based). Also, ask for extra napkins in advance. You're gonna need them.

    The burgers...oh my. Medium rare: pink, slightly bloody. The fries are spectacular, too. The way Dracula would enjoy a feast....

    Fantastic wings. Very good quality comfort/bar food with great beer and the decor is classic. Enjoy this place.

    These are fantastic wings. The only place outside of Buffalo worth your Wing Patronage™.

    You may find the black pepper-spiced burgers strange at first, but eventually, you will crave it, and all other burgers will taste bland and inadequate. Wash it down with a can of Genesee Cream Ale.

    The Beef on Weck is apparently a Rochester staple? I dunno. It’s like a French Dip sandwich. I liked it.

    The chili cheese fries are amazing, even to meat eaters. Also, chipotle mayo on every table is a dream.

    What it lacks in ambiance, it more than makes up for with its Veggie Burger Crumble Salad. Delish.

    Always friendly and best burgers walking distance from me. Atmosphere is great.

    Best hot wings in the city! Burgers are pretty awesome too. Wash it all down w some great beer on tap. How can it go wrong?

    Best buffalo wings in Brooklyn and the burgers are outrageously good!

    Angus burger with chili cheese fries are delicious.

    it's all about the fries -- and when I ate meat, it was my go-to wings spot.

    Sick burgers! Good wings. Stay away from anything with their "sautéed jalapeños" though. They're served cold and are really awful if you're expecting jalapeños. But get a burger!

    Some of the best wings in town. Order 'em extra crispy and they'll make you happy. Unless you don't like wings.

    Come for the BBQ pulled pork sandwich and the chili. They'll change your life.

    Really good burger and great wings. Fantastic joint.

    i once went for the super-hot wings. so painful. so good. def not healthy.

    Burgers as big as your head! Come at lunch and watch all the firemen get take out. (sorry, boyfriend).

    Delicious Buffalo wings ... Love me some good wings

    Get the spicy veggie burger. You won't be disappointed.

    Wing, Burgers and Pulled Pork are all fantastic here! Gotta have the Chipotle mayo as well!

    Helena & the people talk about the buffalo wings yo!

    Best burger around! And the wings are amazing!

    Secretly the best burger in NYC.

    Wings, burgers, fries, and beer, can't go wrong.

    they have la fin du monde in bottles. great beer unexpected selection at this place.

    Perfect all American burger

    Burgers, wings, and the brownie dessert!

    Appetizer of wings, beef on weck, and a genny cream ale.. You'll be in Buffalo heaven.

    Great wings! And, I'm an original Buffalonian... Get a LaBatt or Genesee too!

    Go to Bonnie's and order the burger. It's spicy but not too spicy. Big enough for lunch the next day too!

    Classic Buffalo sandwich: The beef on weck.

    Beef on a weck is amazing, so are the wings.

  • Rating: 5.4 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Aug

    Located at the corner of Crime Spree and Urine, if you get tired of counting Greyhound busses lined up and honking, there's always non-functioning WiFI to mess with and housekeeping who never visit!

    Good accommodation. Clean and comfortable beds. Traffic can be noisy, staff are really helpful. Quality affordable accommodation.

    The location is great, near time square and port authority you can go by subway anywhere. The wifi connection is slow. They offer morning coffe to go in the hall.

    Rooms are good with a comfortable bed the neighborhood could be considered a little dodgy but don't let that put you off. Rooms at the front suffer from the busy escape route out the city

    great location, very spacious rooms, huge bed and very comfy! great value for money!

    If you make reservations with @orbitz they may not have rooms available for you #fail

    Around almost everything in Man! Location location location

    The wifi is free and I'd normally leave the password but you may as well stay on 4G as the wifi is terrible (mar 13)

    Nice and helpful people at the office and front desk.

    Internet is included but its extremely slow and often doesn't work

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