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Movie Theater: AMC Loews Port Chester 14, NY

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40 Westchester Ave Port Chester NY 10573 United States
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Telephone: (914) 510-1000

Twitter: @amctheatres

Facebook: amctheatres


Movie Theater

Working times

  • 6:00 PM–Midnight

Rating: 7.9



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Reviews about AMC Loews Port Chester 14

Love it. I always come to this theater...15 minutes from home. The best part is the rows each have their own level. So easy for viewing the screen especially when bringing small children.

Talk Cinema - nation's premiere sneak preview series meets here monthly on Tuesdays at 7 pm. Next up Feb 2, 2016. Details:

$7 movie tickets every Tuesday!! Can't be beat. (Come early for tickets as the news is spreading and more people are showing up for this!)

Great theater!, but the popcorn all over the floor was concerning...

Clean and efficient, shows every new release. Also has an IMAX theater.

Everything is awesome here. EXCELLENT theater...especially the Imax theater!

Really nice multiplex. A little out of my way but worth the trip for a weekday matinee.

Get tickets at nearby costco and you'll save $$

Great place to see a movie. Free Parking, Great Seating, Big size screens and the crowd when I was there seemed cool.

Don't buy tickets. Just walk passed the ticket taker. Easier that way.

$7.50 per ticket for any regular definition movie that starts before 12 noon any day at all AMC Theatres.

Large theater with easy to use ticket kiosk in lobby if line is long.

Comfortable seats. I MAX screens are great!

Urinals don't have those dividers. Go in the stall so no one looks at your privates.

Love it best place ever

The movie theater is huge here an seats are really comfy with movable armrest!

Get to your movie 15 minutes early so you don't miss a thing.

Huge theater and comfortable!

Very convenient, love this location

$6 movie tickets every show starting before 12 noon

See this film! Sandy Bullock is terrific! GRAVITY in Imax 3-D!!

pays to come early for first look fresh popcorn and loads of fun...

Wilbur and team are fantastic!!

Nice environment ! Chocolate milk shakes are good !

Huge lines to get any drinks or snacks. Filthy place.

Best theater!! Great seats and the audience isn't annoying.

Amazing theatre

Applebee's has discounted movie tickets if u eat there before your show. $7.50

Clean and ampitheatre seating....

Multiple theaters for multiple movie times.

Good big clean

Get your movie theater candy downstairs at Stop & Shop or at Bed Bath & Beyond to save 50%.

The pretzel bits suck they were stall.. Waste of $7

$13.99 for an adult ticket. Come on...

If you're under 21 you can't buy people under 17 tickets to a rated r movie.

Get the free popcorn

Avoid the major movies at major times. The fire alarm likes to go off. ie Harry Potter n Breaking Dawn.

Good seats

They are more likely to card teens for rated R movies

Very mysterious and island-like

Go see spiderman IMAX 3D!!! #epic

Smells like cheezewiz and feet here. Prolly the Applebee's downstairs. :/

Best seats ever!

oh well just ok

Clean bathrooms

Appellant bee s. Sucks


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