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Eastern European Restaurant: Nargis Bar & Grill, NY

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155 5th Ave North Slope Brooklyn NY 11217 United States
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Telephone: (718) 640-7000




Eastern European Restaurant

Working times

  • 5:00 AM–11:00 PM


Justification: Want to feel like a North Slope native? Don't miss out on going here

Currency: $$$$

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Reviews about Nargis Bar & Grill

All so very good: avocado salad, Uzbek plov, pumpkin manti, chicken wing kebab, lulya kebab. What’s great though, is the chuchvara. You’ve gotta get the chuchvara.

Uzbek and Russian cuisine. Second location to the original in Brighton Beach. Must try the Plov, Manti (the lamb and pumpkin), and the Lamb kebab.

Surprise of the year, best value new restaurant in Park Slope. Friendly efficient service. Non bread, meat Samsa, Chuchvara, Uzbek Plov were exceptional. Decent beer and wine selection, cocktails ok.

An ideal meal here blends various meat kebabs, lagman (lamb noodle soup), and chuchvara (pan-fried beef dumplings). Read more

do yourself a favor and get the following: achichuk salad, lamb samsa, chuchvara (a must). Don't say I didn't change your life

The meat dumplings and skewers make for a hearty meal, but the salads are nice and fresh, too. Come with a group and share everything

New brunch menu is banging! Great variety. Loved the Japanese pancakes.

This place is great. The meat dumplings and kebabs are awesome. Good, affordable wines.

That herring is amazing. Big portions so good for sharing w ur loved ones.

The Non and Samsa were great. The plov was also tasty.

This place is so good. Get the Uzbek plov and the lamb kebab.

The chicken kebab is squeeze-your-eyes-shut good. Juicy and well spiced.

Kebabs, samsa, chuchvara, OMG.

Chuchvarra is next to godliness.

Been there twice and disappointed twice...

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